Defix Concrete Products Sdn Bhd, since it’s establishment in 2012, is now well known for helping
clients by providing safety, innovative and productive products with good enough solutions for clients to
save cost.

Defix Concrete Products Sdn Bhd, with it’s HQ in Klang Valley, is the exclusive distributor for 2 very
famous international brands, Husqvarna Construction Products of Sweden and Fischer Fixing System
from Germany.

Husqvarna is famous worldwide for it’s demolition equipment and tools in Construction market, while
Fischer international is one of the leaders in the world in fastening and fixing technology and system
internationally. That is how the vision of Defix Concrete Products Sdn Bhd to be known as a major
player in the demolition and fixing in construction industry in Malaysia was developed.

The founder of Defix Concrete Products Sdn Bhd, Mr. Cheah Wei Han, a civil engineer graduated in
University of New South Wales, Australia, was in the same demolition and fastening field for 28 years.
From the years in the Malaysian Construction market, he realized that construction market is getting
more competitive, and contractors are looking for ways to save time, cost and increase their
productivity in order to assure of the sustainability of their companies. Therefore, the product portfolio of
Defix Concrete Products Sdn Bhd were carefully selected, and if it is unable to provide either safety,
innovative nor productivity to customers, Defix Concrete Products Sdn Bhd will choose not to market them
in the product offering in Malaysia.
Defix Concrete Products Sdn Bhd is known as Fischer Malaysia or Husqvarna Malaysia depending on
either Fixing or Demolition field, and we have the capability to assist customers to save cost by
providing good enough solutions.

Market Approach StrategySafety, Innovative and productive products by providing good enough solutions to save cost for clients